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Man will not survive without the environment

  • The Minipe Yoda Ela is an essential resource for the people of Hettipola in their daily lives. It is the only source of water fulfilling the water requirements of those living in its vicinity and also depend on it for agricultural use. The pollution of this useful canal system owing to various activities of man was a contentious issue. Wilgamuwa Naminioya Secondary School, selected the purification of the urban parts of Minipe Yoda Ela as their Project RUN.
  • Sadly, some segments of society are still ignorant of the grave dangers we face due to the callous destruction of the environment. The conscientious and responsible children of Mathugama Weediyabanda Maha Vidyalaya are working hard to convert the school into a pleasant place while cleaning the Palen Ganga and its banks which have been polluted by people who make use of the river.
  • Kandy Lake, an integral part of the beauty of the city of Kandy, was threatened with the prospect of continued pollution due to the callous acts of people dumping refuse, unconcerned with safeguarding it. DS Senanayake College, Kandy was recognized by Mother Sri Lanka for taking the initiative to increase awareness among the general public of the damage done, affecting the beauty of the city.
  • Nuwara eliya is featured as a major tourist attraction in Sri Lanka, as it is beautifully laid out, in the salubrious hills, blessed with a cool climate. Gregory Lake is one of the most beautiful locations in Nuwara eliya. Unfortunately due to the ignorance and indifference of the people, Gregory lake constantly gets polluted due to chemicals and waste materials which are dumped or syphoned into it. The manner in which the Mother Sri Lanka club of Gamini Central College intervened to save this lake was highly commendable.

Looking after the sick is equivalent to looking after me: Lord Buddha

  • Walisinghe Harischandra Maha Vidyalaya of Anuradapura undertook the reconstruction of the Ayurvedic Ward of the Anuradhapura General Hospital to show their commitment towards Responsible Citizenship.
  • The Government Central Dispensary in Pinnawela, is the only dispensary available for the villagers of Pinnawela, Kelimadala and Diddeniya to obtain medicines from, the hospital being 12 Km away. Fortunately because of its close proximity to the Rajapola Maha Viduhala it became the endeavor of the MSL Club, to have it render the service it was meant for, by cleaning and maintaining the premises to make it suitable and pleasant for patients.
  • The highly commendable act of kindness towards improving the conditions of the OPD of the Nuwara Eliya General Hospital by the girls of Girls High School-Nuwara Eliya was highly appreciated by hospital authorities. It will be etched in the memory of the students, the hospital staff and the people, that these duties were performed with cooperation, mutual respect and commitment in a multi ethnic community.
  • The cleanliness of some of the government institutions which are committed to serving the public are gravely lacking, owing to the heavy use of these facilities by the general public. As the orthopedic unit of the Colombo National Hospital was in dire need of a facelift, the students of Asoka Vidyalaya recognized this need and proceeded to engage in renovating the ward with the cooperation of the principal of the school, teachers, parents and the community at large.

United we stand strong

  • Situated in Gajaneggama in the historical city of Yapahuwa, Gajaneggama Maha Vidyalaya – Rideebendiella joined hands and entered into a project with the Babul Adam Muslim College with a view to emphasizing the social and cultural links of brotherhood. The students of the two schools communicated well, using the universal language of humanity although they could not understand each other’s mother tongue. They held many programs and activities together thereby building long lasting bonds.
  • Due to no fault of theirs, students of the war-torn North lost the opportunity of enjoying the freedom enjoyed by students in the South, for over 30 years. With the dawn of peace, they are now fully able to enjoy the same freedom. So it was with great warmth that the students of the Thirumurukkandi Vidyalaya welcomed the helping hands extended by the students of Ganemulla Kelaniya Jayakodi Maha Vidyalaya who travelled to the North, with happy smiles and loving hearts.

Our Roads to Success

  • The Southern Expressway is the first highway in the country and it introduced many novel experiences to Sri Lankans. The students of the Mother Sri Lanka school club of the Janadhipathi Vidyalaya, Galle which is situated facing the southern highway, took action to clean and beautify the underground access road of the school which was hitherto used for illegal purposes.
  • Mathugama Kumburawala Maha Vidyalaya faced the challenge of implementing a programme to reconstruct the derelict Baduraliya main Bus stand which had been neglected by the thousands using it daily, by converting it into an attractive, comfortable one.

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