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Our Livelihood Development Project was launched in 2016 with the main aim of protecting livelihoods of micro entrepreneurs who are engaged in the production of authentic Sri Lankan products which are being pushed out of the shelves due to severe competition from imported products. The final outcome of the project is to alleviate poverty of vulnerable segments of society, women’s empowerment and ensuring the continuity of the production of authentic Sri Lankan products for our future generations. The project is a non-profit self-financed project which has to cover all its expenses of administration, man power and marketing through the income earned from sales.

Even though, most livelihood development programs do well in training the entrepreneur in production, one of the common weaknesses identified in most such programs is the lack of support in accessing the value chain and the lack of knowledge of the entrepreneur to understand market trends, packaging and marketing and the lack of infrastructure to access local and international markets. Mother Sri Lanka’s livelihood development project is designed to give access to markets guidance in design, packaging and marketing of their products to earn fair market prices.

Mother Sri Lanka also believes that economic empowerment of women is one of the most successful approaches to gender equality. Hence, most of the micro entrepreneurs supported by us are female, while there is also a high number of very talented males who are making a significant contribution to the project. Currently, approximately 1,000 families directly and over 5,000 families indirectly benefit from this MSL initiative.

The collection of products which are sold under the sub brand “Love Sri Lanka” with the tagline “100 smiles for your 100 rupees” is one of the most popular brands of authentic Sri Lankan products designed targeting Sri Lankans and tourists. The product range include Clay, Brass, Leather, Handloom, Batik, Cane, Lace, Stationary, Eco Friendly and Organic products, food and beverages, herbs and medicines and personal care products. The products are 100% Made in Sri Lanka and are designed by a panel of designers to suit the current consumer trends and needs and includes some world class products that one can be proud to own. This unique product range is sold at the exclusive Mother ஸஸஸ ஸஸஸஸ showroom at 614, Sri Jayawardenepura Mawatha, Kotte and over 25 other retailers and on-line.

Our Micro Entrepreneur Base

Industries Covered

Processed Food Jute Cork / Rubber
Ayurvedic Products Leather Dairy
Bags Linen Dolamite
Batik Metal Gray cloth
Beeralu Beeralu Handloom
Brass Paper Sweets
Caps Pottery Tea
Cane Recycled Products Terra Cotta
Canvas Art Rush and Reed Beverages
Ceramic Sea Shell Wood
Clothing Semi-Precious Gems
Coconut Shell products Spices
Copper Spiritual offerings
Supplliers by District
Nuwara Eliya

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