Love Sri Lanka Festival

In Sri Lanka, we celebrate so many festivals on religious and ethnic lines, but we wanted an occasion that all Sri Lankans can come together and celebrate as one nation regardless of ethnic and religious divisions. Hence, we at Mother Sri Lanka (MSL) thought what better day than the Independence Day of our beloved Mother Land to celebrate the “pride of being Sri Lankan” as one nation.

Launched in 2018, to celebrate the 70th Independence of our country, the “Love Sri Lanka Street Festival” is conceptualized for the enjoyment of all Sri Lankans as well as foreigners and will showcase everything Sri Lankan. It will be a celebration of Sri Lankan culture, art, craft, street drama, local fashion and accessories, music and entertainment displayed and demonstrated during the festival. This unique event, is by Sri Lankans, for Sri Lankans for the first time in the history, for the true purpose of rekindling the nostalgia and emotions of being a ‘Sri Lankan’. Further for the foreign nationals, it will be an opportunity to enjoy of ‘All of Sri Lanka’ in one place.

This festival will be a celebration of Sri Lankan food & beverages, local art & craft, Sri Lankan culture and music. The festival will also have local street food and beverages, local fashion and accessories, gift items, games and entertainment. It is envisaged to make this an opportunity for small and medium local street food manufacturers and small time entertainers who will be allowed to perform and sell their products. Many Sri Lankan brands that have won the hearts of Sri Lankans will be a part of this event. It is a unique event that is conducted for the true purpose of rekindling the pride of being a ‘Sri Lankan’.

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