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Schools Program: ‘අපෙන් රටට‍ – රට නැගුමට’ – ‘My contribution to my country’

MSL was one of the first movements to start reconciliation work in the North and East soon after the end of the 30-year long war in May 18, 2009. We braved the journey to war-torn areas in order to implement the schools program in the East in August 2009 and in the North in December 2009. The response was overwhelming. 2600 schools consisting of public, private and international schools representing all 9 provinces participated under the theme “Apen Ratata, Rata Nagumata” (Our contribution to Nation Building).

Mother Sri Lanka Project RUN

Project Run, an acronym of three powerful components, Responsible Citizenship, Unity and National Pride is a unique concept where children were motivated and encouraged to design projects that helped uplift lives and enrich communities across the island.

The holistic objective of this project is developing a ‘Responsible Citizen’ while instilling positive thinking and the values of ethnic harmony, leadership and teamwork. The project also focuses on enhancing entrepreneurship, leadership qualities and project management skills of the youth which will eventually develop students who are strategic thinkers, analysts, motivators and group achievers who can contribute towards Nation building at a young age. Launched in late 2012, with the blessings of the Ministry of Education, MSL Project RUN has become the practical aspect of the Citizen Education subject which will eventually help build responsible citizens.

The project has had an excellent progress with 1400 projects being implemented so far since the introduction of this program in 2013.

Project RUN – Provincial Finals at various places in 2013
Project RUN award ceremony – 11.02.2014
Award Ceremony Project RUN – 28.05.2016

Protection of Children

Mother Sri Lanka Pre-schools Program

The MSL Pre-school programme was launched in 2010, under the theme ‘Deshabhimani Kekulu”. The MSL pre-school program was introduced to all pre-schools registered under the Ministry of Child Development with the main objectives being, to keep the country clean, appreciate the environment with the flora and fauna of our country and to understand and appreciate other ethnic and religious groups in the country living in peace and harmony.

The participating schools and teachers are recognized and rewarded at Award Ceremonies held periodically. The first such ceremony was held on May 28th, 2016 with the distinguished patronage of Dr A T Ariyaratna, who has been one of the most respected professionals in the field of organized pre-school teaching in the country.

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