Project 01

Naminioya Secondary school

The step taken by the Naminioya Secondary school to implement and conduct their project in a way that generates the attitudes of responsible citizenship should be appreciated.

The objective of the procect is to clean and maintain the conditions of the polluted urban sections of the Minipe Yoda ela (Canal) which floats through the Hettipola town in Wilgamuwa.

The Minipe Yoda Ela which is an essential resource for the lives of the people of Hettipole and those who are around ,is the only water resource that fulfills the water requirements of not only the residents who live agricultural life styles but also of the outsiders who come to the village.

The pollution of this useful canal system owing to various activities of man is a serious issue.

The Naminioya Secondary School which has acquired satisfaction by achieving their aims owing to commitment related to cooperation, solidarity, organization and contribution has taken many effective steps towards the future.

The contribution of the teachers, students, parents, and external governmental and non governmental institutions and specially the transparency they maintained with relevance to the utilization of financial and physical resources are of great significance as far as a national project of this kind is concerned.

The residents of Wilgamuwa and the adjoining areas, the foreigners who visit the area and even all the animals of Wilgamuwa and Wasgamuwa conservations who drink water from this canal can be identified as the direct beneficiaries of this project which carries a lesson relevant to the conservation of natural resourses and inheriting them for the sake of the future generation.

Today, the Wilgamuwa Naminioya Secondary School, which is satisfied with a glance of compassion towards fauna and flora and the waterways with the success of the first stage of the programme implemented for purification of the urban parts of Minipe Yoda Ela, and which has in addition to that taken steps to integrate it as a long term programme, is hohoured with Mother Sri Lanka Golden award.

Project 02

DS Senanayake college

Kandy Lake is an eternal partner of the beauty of the city of Kandy. Enchanting water waves and the soothing cold climate around the lake is definitely embedded in the hearts of everyone. But it is really pathetic the fact that the Kandy lake is confronted with a sad destiny .

Various activities of man contribute towards the corruption of water in the kandy lake.

DS Senanayake college, Kandy joins hands with the Mother Sri Lanka Project RUN programme under the theme “apen ratata rata negumata” with a view to reducing corruption of water in the Kandy lake.

DS Senanayake college, Kandy is awarded with the Mother Sri Lanka Project RUN award for being a great example here for achieving the success of their project with the commitment of all the teachers, students and others and the contribution of external political and state mechanisms.

Project 03

Walisinghe Harischandra Maha Vidyalaya

The message conveyed through Mother Sri Lanka Project RUN by the Walisinghe Harischandra Maha Vidyalaya of Anuradapura which has contributed to the development of the Ayurvedic Hospital in Anuradapura is really significant.

The objective behind this project was to highlight the elements like Sri Lankan identity, responsible citizenship, importance of selflessness and the fact that the student generation should virtually be patriots, philanthropists and ecologists.

Here are achievements obtained by them.

01. Reconstruction of a ward in the Ayurvedic hospital of Anuradhapura
02. Generation of positive attitudes in the students of the school system
03. Creation of feelings of selflessness in the minds of students

Walisinghe Harischandra Maha Vidyalaya of Anuradapura is awarded with the Mother Sri Lanka Project RUN award for setting an example to the nation by reconstructing the building in the Ayurvedic hospital of Anuradapura and donating it for the betterment of the patients.

Project 04

A united society under one flag

School-W/M/Gajaneggama Maha Vidyalaya-Rideebendiella

The future expectation of our motherland is to become the wonder of Asia.And it is high time to get united towards the development of the country.

The teachers, students, parents and the well wishers of W/M/Gajaneggama Maha Vidyalaya-Rideebendiella contributed towards the above theme which is linked to the objectives of the Mother Sri Lanka project.

This school which is situated in Gajaneggama in the historical city of yapahuwa joined hands and entered into a project with the Nika/Wari/ Babul Adam Muslim College with a view to emphasizing the social and cultural links of brotherhood.

Improving the skills of the students to associate friends from other communities, improving cultural links and the development of nation through unity were identified as the broad objectives of this project.

The students of the two schools communicated well using the language of humanity as they could not understand eachother’s own languages.

Many events were organized for the students of the Babul Adam College.

W/M/Gajaneggama Maha Vidyalaya-Rideebendiella is awarded with the Mother Sri Lanka golden award for the example set to the nation by the sustainable programme implemented after identifying the need for national integrity and taking action in that regard.

Project 05

School-G/ Janadhipathi Balika Vidyalaya-Walahanduwa, Galle

Southern Express Highway is the grand toute which introduced many novel experiences to Sri Lankans while highlighting the country’s journey towards the wonder of Asia.

In a country, social development should go hand in hand with its physical development.It is a gradual revolution in the society.

The students of the Mother Sri Lanka school society of the Janadhipathi Vidyalaya, galle which is situated facing the southern highway, took action to clean and beautify the under ground access road of the school without allowing it to be used as a notice board or for other illegal purposes.

They joined hands with several other schools in this endeavor.

The students of G/ Janadhipathi Balika Vidyalaya-Walahanduwa are awrded with the Mother Sri Lanka golden award for paying their attention towards protecting and beautifying national resources as the inheritants of the future of the country.

Project 06

Physical and Quality Development of the Government central dispensary of Pinnawala School-WP/H/Pinnawala Rajapola Maha Vidyalaya

As the world became a universal village, people are more directed towards selfishness and they have been isolated by the socio economic competition.

But there are people with real human qualities.

School- WP/H/Pinnawala Rajapola Maha Vidyalaya

Mission-The project for the physical and quality improvement of the Pinnawala Government Central Dispensary

Pinnawala Central Dispensary is the only place available for the inhahitants of the villages of Pinnawala, Kelimadala and Diddeniya to obtain medicine.It is in the close proximity of Rajapola Maha Viduhala.The hospital is 12 Kilometers away from this location.

This Dispensary renders a great service not only to the villagers but also to the school children and this centre restarted serving the people as a result of the endevour mentioned above.

The teachers, students and the parents of the school and the outsiders (well wishers)got together towards the reawakening of this centre .

It is a pleasure to admire as to how the teachers and the students engaged in this joint effort with a view to protecting public property.

WP/H/Pinnawala Rajap[ola Maha Vidyalaya is honoured for setting an example by taking action for the betterment of people by awakening the capabilities of students and by creating good citizens with positive attitudes .

Project 07

A comfortable Bus Stand

School- WP/Mathugama Kamburawala Maha Vidyalaya

Public transport service is committed for the betterment of the people. But in the present competitive society, positive attitudes towards public property and the protection of public property are not available.But such attitudes are expected by those who anticipate a better society.

Mathugama kumburawala Maha Vidyalaya is another school which achieved the objectives of the Project Run programme which was implemented by the Mother Sri Lanka Trust in connection with the ministry of Education.

Emphasising the concept of Responsible citizenship, the Mother Sri Lanka school society of the said school contributed to create a comfortable bus stand.

They implemented the programme to reconstruct the Baduraliya main Bus stand which was neglected and forgotten by the thousands of people who were using it everyday.

Although the present education system has created intellectuals, what has it done to complete them with humanity?

The teachers and the students of this school have faced that challenge by converting a decaying bus stand into an attractive, comfortable place.

Identification of the necessity of the people of Baduraliya and the surrounding area, coordination as per the instructions of the teachers and the parents and obtaining the contribution of the community to raise funds can be identified as significant features of this activity.This project which was implemented aiming the comforts of the passengers contributes to the development of positive attitudes on public property.

WP/Mathugama Kamburawala Maha Vidyalaya is awarded with the Mother Sri Lanka golden medal for evoking hopes for a better future by rendering a social service and for contributing towards a sustainable social existence by enhancing the capabilities and positive attitudes of children.

Project 08

Let us protect the environment through friendship

School-WP/Mathugama/Weediyabanda Maha Vidyalaya

Real friends are always with us .When this friendship is shattered, man and the environment is detached from eachother.People of the present society experience the result of it.Hence they wish to create new links with the environment.

WP/Mathugama/Weediyabanda Maha Vidyalaya expects to convert the school into a pleasant place while cleaning the Palen Ganga and its banks which have been polluted by the people who make use of the river and through that it is expected to achieve educational and practical knowledge required to create a responsible society that protects the environment.

While studying the school currirulum, this programme was implemented with the support and the instructions received from the concerned parties.The attention of the students has been drawn towards the improvement of sanitary conditions and thereby enjoying the comforts of the environment.

WP/Mathugama/Weediyabanda Maha Vidyalaya is awarded with this gold medal for setting an example to create virtuous, intelligent and capable children who are required by the future world.

Project 09

Cleaning the OPD of the NuwaraEliya General Hospital

School-CP/N/Girls High School-Nuwara Eliya

The tasks undertaken by the students of this school in the Nuwara Eliya General Hospital will always be remembered by the people.Activities of this kind highlight many important messages while helping the students to become significant citizens for the country.Our gratitude is extended towards the students and the teachers who provided their guidance and contribution in this regard.(Director-General Hospital-Nuwaraeliya)

The efforts taken by these students with a view to improving the conditions of the OPD of Nuwaraeliya hospital were thus appreciated.The way in which these students recognized the need to perform their duties with cooperation, co-existence, brotherhood, mutual respect and commitment in a multi ethnic community should be virtually appreciated.

CP/N/Girls High School-Nuwara Eliya is awarded with the Mother Sri Lanka silver medal in appreciation of their commitment which was extended towards the creation of an improved, beautified environment which is really essential for the patients who visit the OPD, indicating that oneday they will be responsible citizens who do not consider the social contrasts.

Project 10

Renovation of a Library for a school affected by the war.

School-Ganemulla WP/Kelaniya/Jayakodi Maha Vidyalaya

These students are like flowers which have bloomed up in the northern land.These students lost the opportunity of enjoying the freedom enjoyed by the students of the south.But now along with the dawn of peace, they are also expected to enjoy the same freedom.

The students of the Thirumurukkandi vidyalaya embraced the loving hands extended by the students of Ganemulla WP/Kelaniya/Jayakodi Maha Vidyalaya who went to the North with sincere smiles and loving hearts.

Actually this is an exemplary endeavour which suits the great expectations of the Mother Sri Lanka programme that is connected with the novel ambitions of a new Sri lanka.

The students of the Jayakodi Maha Vidyalaya has set a number of examples to the nation by taking action to bridge the gap between them and the students of Thirukkandi Vidyalaya with relevance to the way in which they do their studies.

The proper plan of work prepared with the guidance of the teachers and the contribution provided by the state and private sectors contributed towards the success of this project.

The military forces also contributed towards the renovaton of this library.

Ganemulla WP/Kelaniya/Jayakodi Maha Vidyalaya is honoured by Mother Sri Lanka with special respect in appreciaton of the efforts taken to win a dignified objective which is behind this.

The whole country is pleased with the peaceful environment which is found in the North.

Project 11

Let us inherit the beautiful Gregory Lake for the future world!

School-N/Gamini Central College-Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara eliya is one of the prominent towns in Sri Lanka as far as its beauty is concerned. It is among the major tourist attractions in South East Asia.

Gregory Lake is one of the most beautiful locations in Nuwara eliya.

Only a very few people possess the ability to enjoy the gifts of nature.Gregory lake constantly gets polluted due to chemicals and waste materials which are added to it by man. It is on the other hand a serious threat to the future of the beauty of Nuwara eliya.The manner in which Gamini central college intervened to save this lake has to be appreciated.

The success obtained by these students through this venture is evident from the strength, support, contribution and advice, provided by the government and non government institutes, authorities of education and the parents. Further, they emphasize the necessity to preserve all the heritages located in Nuwaraeliya.

Gamini Central College Nuwara eliya is honoured with the Mother Sri Lanka silver award for the precious message they conveyed by taking necessary action to preserve Gregory Lake, for their strength, contribution and commitment reflected throughout and for making it a collective effort by welcoming the views received from the related parties.

Project 12

Let us admire the clean and beautiful environment!

School-Asoka Vidyalaya-colombo

Positive ideas lead to better health conditions.

The students of Asoka vidyalaya contributed towards a very important endevour by making selfless efforts to improve the physical conditions which were available in the orthopaedic unit of the Colombo General Hospital.

The physical conditions of majority of the government institutions which were committed for serving the public is not very attractive owing to the increase of population and owing to being neglected for a long time. But the government institutons and the services provided by the government can be recognized as the only solace for the general public of this country.

The orthopaedic unit of the Colombo National Hospital was not in possession of an attractive environment earlier. The students of Asoka Vidyalaya understood the need to improve the available conditions and hence engaged in this meritorious deed with the cooperation of the principal of the school, teachers, parents, external community and other interested parties.

The students were able to reconstruct the OPD of the orthopaedic clinic of the hospital which receives a large number of patients coming from all the corners of the country daily.This project is not limited to one or two days and will be contituously implemented each year.

The new environment is attractive and promotes better health conditions.

Further the kolakenda –herbal drink project which was started to raise funds contributes towards a better level of nutrition among the students.

Thus the students of Asoka Vidyalaya have been exemplary in dealing with the Mother Sri lanka ‘Apen ratata Rata negumata ‘national programme.They are honoured with the silver award for being capable of identifying a very important mission that should be fulfilled by the children of mother Sri Lanka.

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