America Chamber of Commerce joins Mother Sri Lanka to promote MSL products In the USA

Posted on January 20, 2022 Edited January 20, 2022 by Mother Srilanka

Mother Sri Lanka has been approached by the Sri Lanka – America Chamber of Commerce to form a partnership for mutual benefit. SLACCOM will promote the sale of MSL products in the USA and rest of the world through e commerce channels and help organize fund raising events on behalf of Mother Sri Lanka.
In return, MSL programmes related to SMEs will be SLACCOM’s CSR project. By fostering SMEs in Sri Lanka vis-à-vis the MSL, SLACCOM could be able to achieve their objective of nurture businesses in both the countries.
Ms. Nethmini Happawana who lives in USA is a Coordinator of MSL e commerce site and she participated in the inauguration of Sri Lanka America Chamber of Commerce representing Mother Sri Lanka. Dr. Janaki Kuruppu also participated for this event via a zoom call and addressed the meeting.

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