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We are striving tirelessly towards achieving our goals with the funding we receive from those who have been with us on our journey. With all transparency, with genuine intent and with only the well-being of our own people at heart, we wish to continue this path and welcome like-minded partners to join us. Our country needs a helping hand no doubt, just until we get on our own feet. We have the talent, the capability and the will to conquer but we cannot go it alone. Only a collective thought and effort will see us through.

MSL most often operates on a volunteer basis therefore our overheads are kept to a minimum. It is indeed heartening to know that most business organizations are willing to lavish their wealth and resources on us as they recognize that this endeavor is not simply rhetoric, but that we are genuinely result-oriented.

We are combining our resources, knowledge, expertise and time, to take MSL to greater heights. We consider the beautiful lives we would be saving and are proud that we are part of something that is bigger than ourselves!


Mother Lanka Foundation is a non-profit social enterprise registered as a company limited by guarantee, run by a team of professionals following the highest standards of ethics, transparency and good governance.

MSL is financed by generous donors in the private sector, donor sector, and philanthropists, as well as through fund raising programs and sale of Sri Lankan souvenirs under the Patriot Collection.

We run our movement with minimum overhead costs and in the most cost effective manner in order to ensure that every cent that you donate to us is spent with utmost care. You also have the option of selecting a particular cause that you want to support among our causes such as Child Development, Responsible Citizenship Development, Community Development or Livelihood Development.

If you partner us, you will know exactly where your money goes.

If you want further details about our work before you donate please feel free to contact us on +94 (11) 2878711 /

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